Buckaroo spur rowels made from a tractor plow disk

Article and How to Video by Bruce Cheaney

In this video clip you will see some round circles that I cut out of a tractor plow disk using my small Victor cutting torch. The process goes something like this cut the circles out then heat the circles up to a cherry red color and bury in a bag of lime until they cool off, (usually overnight).

Next step in the spur rowel making process is to surface grind both sides of the spur rowel blank I use a belt grinder with a 80 grit belt. Once the rowel blanks are cleaned up I put a coat of lay out dye on one side let it dry then use my spur rowel pattern that I made to scribe the spokes of the rowel into the metal.

To grind the spokes I use a Baldor #114 buffer motor and a pedestal setup I rigged up to grind the spokes of the spur rowels. Once the spokes are ground to shape I use hand files to put a bevel on the rowels to give then a truly custom made look.

The reason I softened the rowel blanks is I need to drill holes for the spur pins and this process works the best with softer rowels and a good sharp drill bit.

The YouTube video below shows you how I heat and quench the spur rowels to make them hard again.

After the rowels cool down I will temper the spur rowels to a dark straw color and they will be ready to clean up and polish.

Buckaroo spur rowels made from a tractor plow disk

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Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville Texas.